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The Brief

The SLANG skates are versatile multi-functional design objects that can be used as tables, shelves, trays, hanging art pieces, as well as trendy coasters.

Slang is born in Lebanon and is located in the heart of the Beirut city.

Slang means the street language, which is the lexicon of the street community. This is the raw image of our items, before translating them to an innovative concept and design products. We change their profile and attitude and dress them with style. They are ready to enter respectfully your space and affect you artistically, positively, in different functions.

The concept evolved to introduce tableware items such as, coasters, under plate, trays, dishes…

All of them decorative, innovative in shape and material.

All slang items are dressed with professional photography’s, illustrations, calligraphy, or marquetry veneered wood patterns. This is their trade mark, their remarkable sign and innovative identity.

Mission and Vision

Inspired by the street scene, Slang brings together aspects of street and pop art embracing movements of contemporary urban art and incorporating signature twists in shape and content. Slang is an on-going project. It is the result of collaboration with several local and international artists, photographers, illustrators, and artisans.

Slang aims to be distributed worldwide, as a unique and innovative evolving concept, raising awareness about design and its benefit and its impact.


Slang was founded by Diana Tabbara, a Lebanese Interior Designer, Diana started her carrier as an Interior designer since 2004, and founded her studio  &  Created her Product Design Brand Slang in 2017.


Diana was a skateboarder . At the age of 15, she was admitted to the hospital emergency due to an accident she had while she was skating. she had a disruption of the cartilage and a torn knee. she had to put the brace for the whole summer and her parents forbid her to skate again. She could only watch her friends skating and she was never able to go back on her board.

Apparently her unconsciousness drove her to exteriorize this need, and translated her suppression into an innovative expressive combination of art and design. A new concept was born, and the aim was to make skateboards that she will be watching and enjoying posed on the walls around her without being able to practice on them.

Skateboards matter to her, and this is why she decided to manufacture them from scratch and challenge herself to have an exceptional quality of my new boards, which she customized in new dimensions and adapted photography’s and illustrations on them. The concept evolved and drove her to expand her scope to reach the tableware and furniture. All items were still inspired by the urban life and translated to innovative forms and functions.


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